Members were treated to a wonderful presentation by young scholars who have benefitted from the Education Trust and GW-NSW’s work in supporting women students.

Members who could not attend the Tempe Mann Presentation event can take great pride in your contribution to the work of your organisation. Membership funds, along with the Education Trust and the generosity of donating members has ensured women across the state are getting support for their higher educational goals.

This year we were treated to presentations from two past Tempe Mann Scholars, Dr Nicky Ringland and Marama Whyte. Nicky is now is a Computing Education Specialist at the Australian Computing Academy and Outreach Officer at the National Computer Science School, at the University of Sydney. Having completed her PhD in Computer Science  in 2015, she went on to co-found Grok Learning, an online learning platform that teaches coding and technology. Nicky is passionate about teaching the next generation the skills they need to become the creators of tomorrow. Not only did Nicky impress with her passion and commitment to sharing her learning, but she also brought along a member of the next generation – her young baby (to the delight of members)!






Marama Whyte has just recently completed her PhD – an achievement in itself and we are confident will go on to contribute much to the debate and investigation of gender representation in the media, politics and beyond. You can read more on Marama here.

This year’s Tempe Mann Scholar was presented and members were delighted to hear elements of Ebony Nilsson’s fascinating research. Ebony is enrolled in the Dept of History, Fac of Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. Her thesis title is ‘The Enemy Within’: Left-wing Soviet Displaced Persons in Australia 1945-1960, and she intends to travel to the US to use archival and specialist collections at the UN Archives, the New York Public Library and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to enhance her research. In a wonderful coincidence, one of Ebony’s research subject’s is George Bielski, the late husband of Joan Bielski, the leading educational advocate and GW-NSW member who is honoured by the scholarship named for her.

At the same event, the second recipient of the Joan Bielski Scholarship, Kate Mulder shared her educational experience as she completes her third year of her Psychology degree at UNSW. Kate will go on to Honours and was pleased to meet relatives of Joan’s who were in attendance. We wish Kate all the best with the completion of her degree and her work in the future.








Lastly we were fortunate to also be presenting on behalf of AGW the second Barbara Hale recipient – Caitlin Murphy. Caitlin is a PhD candidate at UNSW Sydney and NeurRA and is investigating ‘the role of peripheral immune cell infiltration to the brain in inflammation-associated schizophrenia’, impressive research which she outlined to members. We wish her all the best with her research.






Education is a powerful thing, and these impressive and capable young women all had one thing in common – support from GW-NSW.